Sunday, February 12, 2006

Italy- tectonics



These images clearly show the cones, fractures, and lava flows of the 2002 erution at the NE rift.


Walking down the Valle del Bove and on the slopes of SW craters of the 2002 eruption of Etna.

Sicily - Monti Iblei

Boris Behncke explains the forming of pillow-lava at Monti Iblei. He decicated his master's thesis to this poorly known volcanic area.
The rock sample at the top clearly shows color changes due to the cooling of the pillow lava.

Sicily- Gole Alcantara

Gole Alcantara is famous for its beautiful basalt pillars


Unfortunatly we were not allowed to go to the top, but watching Strobolian activity from a hight of 400m is also spectacular.

Stromboli tsunami ?

Italy might be struck by a tsunami! As I learned on my geological trip to Italy, the western flank of the active vulcano Stromboli is quite unstable. Due to an eruption or earth quake, a landslide might occur in the Sciara del Fuoco. 5000 years ago a large tsunami occured on stromboli. But also recently (30 Dec. 2002) a landslide created a small tsunami on the Stromboli coast. When a significant part of the unstable Sciara del Fuoco loosens, the effect will be much more devastating. Some geologists say that a tsunami might strike the coastal area of Calabria and Sicily!



Dangerous vulcano has very nice sulfar deposites!

Vesuvius / Pompeii / Herculaneum